Finding Business Insurance for your Medical Profession

April 12, 2024

Business insurance is described as General Liability or Professional Liability Insurance. When starting a medical practice (medical aesthetics or clinical medicine), your business is medicine. Hence, the business insurance you need is referred to as professional liability. This is synonymous with Medical Malpractice Insurance.

 We at The Doctor's Insurance Agency specialize in the process and the details of underwriting, pricing and placement of your medical professional liability policy. We are a national brokerage with dedicated professional liability agents specializing in the commercial healthcare space.

Over time, we have grown to serve over five thousand clients and five hundred facilities in all fifty states. With extensive experience in areas like medical aesthetic liability insurance, healthcare consultant errors and omissions, commercial property,  employment practices, and directors and officers insurance, we partner with top carriers to ensure your business is properly insured. 

The business insurance markets for medical professional liability adjust based on claims experience and the increasing modalities.

As a result, the premium for a healthcare organization’s policy in one year may rise by 20% in the next, reflecting the claims associated with the services offered.

If the practice does not involve direct patient care, it is still categorized as a consulting medical practice and you are required to get a medical professional liability Insurance policy. 

However, because direct patient care is not required, the term often used to describe professional liability insurance under this condition is errors and omissions insurance.

It is important to note that professional liability insurance, medical malpractice insurance, and errors/omissions insurance all refer to the same type of coverage for medical professionals. 

The Doctor's Insurance Agency is contracted by over thirty reputable specialty medical professional liability carriers. Whether you are just starting your Independent Telemedicine Practice, a Nurse Practitioner investing in your own clinical or esthetic practice, a practicing physician assistant branching out on your own, a mental health professional, optometrist or another advanced practice clinician,

The Doctor’s Insurance Agency can guide you through the insurance requirements, and offer highly affordable options with reputable policies tailored to your specific needs.