Finding Medical Laboratory Liability Insurance Policy Can Be Overwhelming

July 01, 2021

There are different kinds of medical testing laboratories: Research Laboratories, Pathological Laboratories, Hematology Laboratories, Clinical Microbiology Laboratories, Urine Toxicology, Genetic Laboratories, Clinical Biochemistry Laboratories, Drug and Alcohol Screening Laboratories or Mobile drug/alcohol testing each serving a unique purpose.

Whether you are a complex lab providing anatomical pathology services, an independent lab confirming results, or a genetic and/or medical testing lab, we can provide the professional and general liability insurance for you.

There are several different insurance carriers with specialty policies to cover this risk. Coverage can include Medical Directors for their administrative duties and for their direct patient care. It is important to indicate who, what and where…who is doing the testing, what are they testing and where will the specimens come in from (as well as where the lab is located, of course). It's all about understanding the services you provide.

The Doctors Insurance Agency in partnership with our underwriters can help you find the right Medical Malpractice Professional Liability Insurance policy to cover your lab and Medical Doctors if necessary.

 The policies have a broad definition of insurance including owners, directors, medical directors, etc. The variables that go into pricing are types of lab work that is confirmed/reviewed, and as well as the estimated number of ‘encounters/reads and projected annual revenue.

 Please contact The Doctors Insurance Agency, finding the right Medical Laboratory Professional Liability Insurance Policy can be a little overwhelming, so we’re here to help!