Functional Medicine Malpractice Insurance

December 12, 2017

If you are practicing preventive healthcare, anti-aging hydration, nutritional therapy, IV therapy, hormone replacement and/or chelation therapy, The Doctors Insurance Agency and our creative insurance partners like Beasley, Lloyd's of London, and Admiral Insurance Group would like to help you find the right coverage.

The Physician Insurance Association of America (PIAA) is made up of insurance companies that are financially strong and experienced in the careful discipline of underwriting medical malpractice policies. The Doctors Insurance Agency works with doctors in every medical specialty to find competitively priced, discounted premiums supported through risk management efforts, claims free experience and affiliations with quality medical centers and hospitals

And the reality of underwriting Medical Malpractice policies is that healthcare is changing; the double boarded physician continues to study causes of disease and illness and may develop an interest in a part-time independent practice specializing in nutritional counseling, wellness, lifestyle management. These practices often align with aestheticians, nurses and physician assistants that understand that aesthetic is intimately connected to the physical - these integrated practices require specialty underwriting and experienced agent and broker representation.

The Doctors Insurance Agency has been working with the Lead Physicians and Malpractice Insurance Carriers in Integrative, Eastern and Western Medicine since the mid 1990s.

The Doctors Insurance Agency works with underwriters that are experienced in this market. Our agents can advocate for the proper insurance often providing premiums that are one quarter the cost of a full-time conventional malpractice insurance policy. These Preventive, Functional Medicine Professional Liability policies can be written to protect the entity (your business name, LLC, Inc., etc.) as well as the staff (employed or Independently contracted), your Physician extenders that specialize in the treatment of avoiding illness: lifestyle habits , working with you to change your culture and environment and the nutritional choices that can lead to disease.

These preventive, functional -- anti-aging malpractice insurance liability policies... can range from $1,200 per year to $7,500 depending on your individual loss experience and scope of practice. Your malpractice claims history can impact the cost of your malpractice insurance policy. Additional factors are : your patient volume, number of monthly patient visits/consultations, projected revenue and years of practice history which you're asking us to insure.

The Doctors Insurance Agency works with many physician specialties who venture into this niche of wellness care. Providing a medical professional liability insurance policy to protect your wellness practice (which can include aesthetic, elective procedures) is as important as insuring your conventional medical specialty practice. If you are an entrepreneur in medicine, just starting your practice, then controlling your costs, finding the right malpractice insurance policy for your preventive healthcare practice is imperative to your success. And, finding a policy that is affordable does not mean you have to put your assets at risk.

Whether you are an osteopathic physician, practicing physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychiatry or one of the primary care specialties, The Doctors Insurance Agency can help you place your professional liability insurance. Some of our preventative practitioners also have conventional clinical malpractice policies ...these can be separate from your own medical malpractice insurance so that there is a bright line between one practice and another.

We also can help you find a Malpractice Insurance policy to cover your medical practice which might be a combination of clinical and Telemedicine in this area of preventative wellness medicine. We can help support the growth of your preventive medical practice.

These functional medicine malpractice insurance policies are claims -made contracts. This means the insurance policy defers the cost of purchasing extended reporting or' tail' policies. Claims made policies are less expensive than occurrence because they do not include the cost of tail. Our preventative Medical Professional Liability insurance policies are usually part time claims made.

Holding down the cost in the early years makes this endeavor sustainable just long enough for you to grow your business.

The Doctors Insurance Agency is experienced and knowledgeable in finding preventive wellness anti aging medical malpractice insurance policies that are affordable; there are many choices in today's market.