How much insurance should we purchase for our Colon Hydro Therapy Business?

March 31, 2015

Colon Hydro therapists should carry limits of liability insurance of at least $ 250,000 per claim (and $ 750,000 per annual aggregate coverage). Of course, many carry the standard $ 1 Million. Carrying limits of $1 Million makes it easier to contract with payers and prove adequate coverage for various medical affiliates, facilities and other health care organizations.

Solo Colon Hydro therapy – one policy or one business comprehensive policy covering every operator. If you’re practicing alone, without the responsibility of other technicians, employees or a business with its doors open to the public, then a Lloyd’s (through our insurance brokerage partner (PPIB – Professional Program Insurance Brokerage) is a good ‘a la carte’ choice for this insurance. Solo operators need to be mindful of the cost, and they need to be insured with underwriters who understand how to process the claims and build the premium according to the actual risk.

If you’re taking on greater responsibility of building a network of therapists, or even a few, then Lloyd’s program may or may not be the best fit. We will work with our national brokerage network and specialty insurance carriers to obtain competitive quotes.
One Professional Liability Insurance protecting a Colon Hydro Therapist or a larger, more comprehensive MediSpa and Wellness Center Liability Insurance Policy
These business, medispa type of policies contemplate more than just professional liability insurance, The business will have general liability exposure in addition to just the professional services. The general ;liability insurance risks looks like the public or vendors tripping and fall, or a patient falling over a wet floor or a frayed carpet edge. The general liability portion of the Colon Hydrotherapy insurance package can include property coverage up to the stated limit of your equipment and furniture and artwork.

Can you name the Landlord of a small rented clinic/space to be the additional insured on a Colon Hydrotherapy Professional Liability Insurance Policy?
Between this comprehensive spa which requires the combined limits of general and professional liability and the solo practitioner policy is a sole proprietor who has a small ‘office’ or spa/center . these Colon Hydrotherapists can be require in their lease agreement to name the Landlord as Additional Insured on a General Umbrella Business limit of insurance. Our Colon Hydrotherapy Liability insurance policy can include General Liability (in the event someone slips in the building, naming the Landlord as Additional Insured, thereby protecting them from any claim arising due to your professional services in their premises.

Many of our clients start with the solo and grow; which gives us the opportunity to market the insurance to our specialty carriers (each with their own unique benefits according to the different sizes of businesses and services provided.)

Sometimes Colon Hydrotherapists are simply required to show that they carry the insurance (much like a salon might require the individual to carry the malpractice policy before coming in to do their work from one of the chairs or stations.

And, as Colon Hydro therapists’ grow their practices, invest in more operators, more medispa services and equipment. As the operators lease space, their need for more comprehensive, property and general liability insurance grows with it.
Just like a medical group,, the colon hydro therapy centers should carry a separate limit for the business. With two of the nation’s largest medical malpractice insurance company’s pulling out of the market in 2013, our journey to developing and managing a program that is priced competitively but with substantial premiums necessary to sustain the insurance has been carefully planned. We are happy to continue our partnership with Lloyd’s of London and Professional Program Insurance Brokerages as we learn along with your growing wellness field.


We are aware that there are political battles to be fought (see the Pennsylvania State Colon Hydrotherapy challenge just issued in their newsletter :

“ Pennsylvania has introduced legislation that could put colon hydro therapists in jeopardy of losing their ability to provide colon hydrotherapy services without being a licensed naturopathic doctor. The bill appears to put hydrotherapy under the purview and, thus jurisdiction and governance of the N.D.’s (and, as the Global Professional Association for Colon Hydrotherapy points out: could jeopardize hundreds of Colon Hydro’s:

"Naturopathic therapies." Methods used in the treatment of an individual which include, but are not limited to, hydrotherapy, topical medicines, foods, food extracts, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, dietary supplements, over-the-counter medications and nonprescription HB516 is an Act relating to the practice of naturopathic medicine; providing for the issuance of licenses and the suspension and revocation of licenses; and providing for penalties. HB516 will be voted on by the committee on Wednesday, April 1. There was no notice given and no input will be received before the vote.
• SB621 is about licensing naturopathic doctors with wording that is almost identical to HB516.

We are committed to learning as much as we can about the business and practice of colon hydrotherapy so that our agency acts as a strong advocate for the business and healthcare services that you’re providing to so many.

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency is working now to develop Home Health Agency Liability Insurance so that we can evolve our liability insurance offerings to evolve with the general changes in our societies culture and demographics (which, in turn dictate the healthcare and wellness services demanded.