How to Structure a Telemedicine Insurance Policy?

May 08, 2018

The right kind of Telemedicine Insurance Policy can make or break your start up telemedicine practice. Well maybe the right telemedicine policy will actually not break your telemedicine start up. But certainly can help you on board physicians, control costs , recruit, retain and manage financial risk over the long term of your practice.

A Rated:

Not every Medical Professional Liability Insurance carrier, or even every specialty division within big national carriers understands the nuances of telemedicine risks. The Doctors’ Insurance Agency (and O’Brien Insurance Services) are very careful about who we partner with and where we place our business.

We work with carriers that have an “A” rating or better, with an underwriting team with the expertise in Telemedicine.

We see the problems every day that inexperience can cause for the client - in fact I was at the gate waiting to board a plane out of Chicago when a physician referred to me, called looking for a review of a quote he was about to bind. It turned out not to cover his actual telemedicine risk at all. He’s now reworking his application so we can get him the proper coverage for his specific business model.


The application itself is key to understanding the specific telemedicine risk, and in fact it becomes a part of the policy itself, providing the underpinning of the coverage. So while the preparation of spreadsheets, information, CV’s and individual physician applications may seem daunting, they’re vital in ensuring that you are being covered for the staff, services, and territory for your particular business model.

We’ve been doing this a long time – our Agency wrote one of the first teleradiology groups in the country. These days telemedicine coverage is much easier to find, but experience in placing it appropriately isn’t. We provide both.

The Doctors Insurance Agency can work with the right carrier: whether you are an individual doctor looking for part-time work or a group of entrepreneurs the Doctor’s Insurance Agency has managed practices ranging from one to 150 and we are in our 16th year of understanding this unique market.

We’re excited to work with you. Growing these risks from the ground up is something we love to do.