Imaging Centers, Surgery Centers, MedSpas and Endoscopy Labs

July 22, 2011

Imaging Centers, Surgery Centers, Medical Spas and Endoscopy Labs, all share the same thing in common: there are many ways to insure them. You should have a separate limit, protecting the entity on its own. The limits of the physicians should be protected from the liability and vicarious exposure that is presented to them from the multiple use facility.

This is to say that there are many physicians, there are employees and other contracted workers whom come in contact with these facilities. If all of the physicians are in one medical group, then, the cost effective insurance solution is to simply add a separate limit to their policy, which is done by adding a percentage of premium to each physician. The more flexible method if the physicians need to open the facility (and this goes for pathology labs as well) is to write a separate limit that is inclusive of the employees and independent contract (non MD personnel) whom work at the facility. This way you are protected from the inevitable and increasing vicarious liability risk that rises to these medical entities, and you have the freedom of opening the facility to the community of physicians who may wish to use it.

The facility policies are competitive, specifically underwritten by specialty insurers whom understand the unique nuances of the risks and the procedures performed, the images read. These policies are written without deductibles to cover physicians in California and beyond according to licensure.

The imaging centers can also be written, insurance provided for physicians who just want to use that facility without having to extend their own private malpractice insurance policy to that location.

Medical Malpractice Insurance for Surgery Centers, Medical Spas and Imaging Centers are underwritten to provide solutions to the entire group, including medical directors, nurses, surgeons and other practitioners seeing patients and performing their procedures at these locations.

In addition to the professional liability insurance, it is important to consider protecting the entity against the risk of electronic medical records breach, business and management insurance so that the officers of these organizations are protected.

Of course with so much attention given to medical billing fraud against the Centers for Medicare Services, the entities should also purchase protection against billing errors.

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency makes it our business to work hard for you to find the best premiums with the right carrier in order to completely insure the risk.

Electronic Medical Record Insurance is priced by the number of physicians and the amount of insurance that you need,

Directors and Officers Insurance tends to be priced more by considering the amount of revenue and the length of time they have been incorporated and in practice.