Insurance, Risk Management, and Healthcare Business Solutions Unique for Your Specialist Group

December 01, 2023

If you are managing a specialty medical group, you should be collaborating with experts on strategies to manage the cost and the effectiveness of your practice.

The Doctors Insurance Agency is immersed in this space of assisting medical groups and solo practitioners with insurance premium saving strategies and risk management partnerships. 

The Doctors Insurance Agency (TDIA) are experts in  insurance management and clinical risk management to  save you time and thousands of dollars on premiums. 

Most Medical Malpractice Insurance carriers will defend allegations of bodily injury resulting from alleged negligence or adverse outcomes.

The priority and focus should be  to consider financial stability, commitment to the niche of healthcare professional liability, and underwriting flexibility.


You should work with a professional liability insurance broker that is committed to helping you achieve that goal of finding the right carrier. 

The Doctors Insurance Agency works with our partners to:

▪︎ Advocate on behalf of your practice

▪︎ Provide access to all available markets

▪︎ Understand what type, where, and how you are practicing.


Your broker should have access to the quality options and should be aligned with risk and patient safety specialists.

We have taken this  further to align also with digital marketing and practice management consultants.


The Doctors Insurance Agency has represented the nation's largest physician owned specialty medical practice insurer for 3 decades.Through our partnership with The Doctors Company and other quality carriers, we can provide competitive solutions, stability, and peace of mind. The Doctors Insurance Agency will work tirelessly with you to bring access to specialists that can help you manage your practice manager risk and increase profit. 

We work with consultants, including the Medical Advantage Group [M.A.G.] to support a clinician-centric approach that drives positive return on investment.

Combining our insurance strategies with practice consultants helps us assist specialist groups through this changing marketplace marked by an

▪︎ Increasing private equity funding

▪︎ Growing large med group competition,

▪︎ And complex practice administration tools.


“From The Medical Advantage Group (MAG) (one of our partners):

Today’s healthcare market is creating tremendous opportunities for specialists and specialist groups to improve access to and quality of care.  Working with national insurance and healthcare specialists, our team helps you increase profitability, from private equity to physician insurance strategies.”

 Their consulting strategy unifies data sources, helps you activate technology, and optimize contracts and fee schedules.


We are proud to be affiliated with Medical Advantage’s expert consultants.

Hopefully our business mission aligns with yours in order to grow revenues and increase business while decreasing burnout and inefficiencies.