Insuring Hospitalists | Medical Professional Liability

February 17, 2023


A hospitalist is a physician who cares for inpatients, meaning they only work inside a hospital.

These doctors have often completed residency training in general internal medicine, pediatrics, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, or oncology.

They may also be board-certified in hospital medicine.


According to Fierce Healthcare (online medical industry news service)

‘Hospitalists are not new, and they are growing …The number of U.S. hospitalists has climbed from 1,100 physicians 10 years ago to more than 20,000 today and growing.

40 percent of hospitals now have formal hospitalist programs, the number of hospitalists should reach 30,000 within a scant three years.


The Doctors Insurance Agency provides insurance for Hospitalists and Hospitalist groups.

Theses Hospitalists Malpractice Insurance policies can be individually underwritten or structured and priced at the organizational level. 

Organizational-level hospitalist medical professional liability insurance protects the business by providing vicarious liability covering the medical service of providers contracting and affiliated ‘working on behalf’ of the hospitalist group. 

The hospitalist medical malpractice policy also provides cover for employed and contracted MDs and APCs.

The medical malpractice policy can provide tail, allowing for your hospitalist physicians to cancel off of the policy without expensive tail cost.

 Your Insurance Policy can help you recruit:

This benefit helps you recruit physicians and fill ongoing staffing demands without prohibitive incremental premium costs.

The hospitalist medical malpractice policy also expands with you.

As you acquire new contracts, the policy can simply add additional locations and the necessary providers with the same flexibility of easy on boarding and a rolling tail covering the providers you need to cancel.

 Hospitalist Professional Liability Insurance Video below:

Click below for more information about how the hospitalist policy is structured.

 According to the Society of Hospitalist Medicine SHM, Hospital Medicine Groups (HMGs) come in many different sizes, structures, and employment models all while working in distinct hospital environments and patient populations.

Beneath these differences, however, there are some universal characteristics of effective hospital medicine practices.

HMGs play a critical role in ensuring their hospitalists are equipped to provide the best patient care possible.

SHM offers courses, community, and counsel to member physicians (i.e. The Key Principles and Characteristics helps groups self-assess and develop strategies for improvement). It gives leaders from the largest to the smallest practices the rationale, requirements, and suggested approaches to define their problems, develop feasible solutions, and take their HMG to the next level.

 The Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) offers member benefits for The Doctors Company’s medical malpractice insurance program.

As the nation’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer—and the leading insurer of hospitalists—The Doctors Company has an unparalleled perspective on this emerging specialty.

Through key SHM committees and The Doctors Company’s Hospitalist Advisory Board, we work to identify and resolve critical issues in hospital medicine


Extensive benefits for SHM members

Program discount and credits for qualified members
Members with a favorable claims history receive a program discount of up to 5 percent, and members who remain claims-free may receive an additional credit.

Proactive coverage for today’s practice environment National perspective and local experts enable us to anticipate emerging threats and deliver innovative solutions—for example, our medical liability policy includes cyber liability protection and MediGuard® regulatory risk coverage.

Risk management and patient safety expertise Members have access to industry-leading patient safety tools and programs tailored to SHM members’ needs, plus free on-demand and live CME.

Members receive our quarterly publication, The Doctor’s Advocate, which contains timely information on patient safety topics, legislative updates, and the latest industry and company news.

 If you decide to work independently as a hospitalist within your specialty, The Doctors Insurance Agency works with the leading  insurance carrier for hospitalist medicine to find you the right individual or group policy.