Insuring the Medical Organization/Entity

January 19, 2022

The nation’s largest doctor owned Medical Malpractice Insurance Company has this statement on the first page of their website: 

“We handle all the details so your organization can focus on what it does best—delivering superior care.” 

We have represented this company,  The Doctors Company, now insuring close to 90,000 physicians nationwide for 30 years. In this time, we've learned  what makes an impact and what is significant and productive about the industry.

Today we want to focus on what it means to handle the details of insuring your organization so you can concentrate on what you do best.

 The Doctors Insurance Agency works with our specialty carriers to insure

All these organizations need to insure individuals at the level of medical doctor, mid-level provider, or allied health care professional.

They also need to ensure the entity itself: the business name represented to the public.

In addition to the doctors, you need to be sure that the liability policy covers the organization, which is staffed by administrative executive health care professionals that make decisions about hiring and firing, staffing growth, investing, contracting and managing health care patients, and the financial livelihood and assets of the entity.

 In today’s healthcare environment, the challenges of running a medical group are complex.

The Doctors Insurance Agency, in partnership with The Doctors Company, national wholesale healthcare brokers, and the Medical Advantage Group, offers consultative, customized, and innovative solutions to insure the organization against claims of bodily injury due to medical negligence. Our plans and planning can  reduce premium costs, and manage medical liability risk.

 Additionally, we help you protect your executive management team from claims of financial mismanagement.

The Doctors Company insures hospitals, outpatient surgical centers, urgent care, hospitalists, emergency medical, and every specialty recognized by the American board of medical specialties. This is not business or general liability insurance. We specialize specifically in medical professional liability insurance that is designed to protect your health care entity. We work with many organizations that defer this responsibility to the providers. This advice misses the mark, raises premiums, and exposes the organization.

 The professionals at the Doctors Insurance Agency work with consultants to help guide health care organizations on the implementation of digital marketing strategies for the practice of digital healthcare.

We have professionals who can work with you to select the right platform, promote your website and coach the staff and the clients on how to best use the technology. The Doctors Insurance Agency also works to help you  find the right entity professional liability insurance.

 Entity professional liability insurance also needs limits for technical and technical product liability. Insuring the health care entity and all of the owners, investors and medical professionals properly and  competitively is what we do.