Lab Directors Can Be Either PhDs or MDs

May 14, 2021

Lab Director Liability Insurance

The Professional liability Industry has a product to insure lab directors.

The Doctors Insurance Agency has over 30 years experience and has worked to develop relationships with specialized carriers that understand  lab directors can be either PHDs or MDs.

 Their insurance policies should recognize both.

 Lab directors need a Diagnostic Lab Professional Liability Insurance policy with the flexibility to follow them as they contract with various genetic and medical testing labs.

 One policy should provide cover at multiple facilities, clinics, labs and medical practices.

 Premiums cannot be too high, or it will erode too much of the annual remuneration from this work.

 Carriers and underwriters group together toxicology PHDs and MDs (pathologists or other specialties) in order to provide solutions for this class.

 The insurance underwriters with which we work understand that lab directors are contracted to manage the process of planning, setting up, opening and executing medical testing labs.


How do I know that a specific task or service is included in the policy?

The Medical Malpractice Professional Liability Insurance policies are often written with standard forms. At first review, the policy may look like it does not specifically cover the unique consulting supervising and management of lab services. Standard forms refers to the fact that the definitions of insured and the declarations and conditions which outline and govern the insurance contract are similar throughout the medical professional industry.


The application and contracts that specifically outline and describe the lab  director service provide the foundation for these policies, customizing the definition of insured.

 In the medical professional surplus lines industry  the application and the email chains that follow applications become part of the file.

 This information and detail informs and directs the policy contract. If it is written electronically or otherwise, and the service and work is mentioned, described and outlined in the file,

then it becomes part of the premium calculus and the policy contract.  What is mentioned and presented, if approved, is included.

The application is attached to the policy contract and forms part of the whole.

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