Life Insurance, Still Important, rates are low and, at is the demand!

Life Insurance, Still Important, rates are low and, at is the demand!

September 16, 2011

Life Insurance is still the best, most affordable method of protecting your family. Term rates are more affordable then ever, insurance companies have innovative plans which lock in rates for many years, and the financial strength of the companies are solid. However, statistics reveal that the insurance industry is in the middle of a 50 year record low for life insurance ownership. The conventional wisdom, the harsh reality which finds the industry in this situation is, that business owners and heads of household have other, more pressing priorities.

The reasons for the low purchases in life insurance most likely also stem from the fact that many heads of household are supported by other family members who would take over the family's needs in the event of a death. Additionally, deaths from Influenza and Pneumonia as well as war are a small fraction of what they were in 1900. There are also life needs which compete with Life Insurance: In today's world, a loss of job, an unplanned pregnancy, a loss of wealth in investment declines, the ongoing health challenge of an aging parent. There are still more reasons that life insurance is not as popular, or, the perceived need is not as great: The number of workplace deaths has dropped from 18.% of the total workforce in 1970 to 3.8% in 2009.

So, this memo, this technology driven memo is to say to any reader, Life Insurance is still the lowest cost method of protecting your family right now. The Doctors Insurance Agency can structure the policy to be simply as low priced per year as possible. We have one physician who chooses to submit to underwriting every third year in order to recallobrate the cost of insurance, resulting in the lowest cost ART plan on the maket. Others, may choose the return of premium plan, which evenly charges level premiums over 30 years, if you are alive at the end of this term, you cancel the plan and receive a check for the total of the premium paid into the policy.

There is a thought that some consumers are afraid of the decision because they do not trust the life insurance companies or the agents. We make it our priority at The Doctors Insurance Agency to disclose and discuss, to make sure that our applicants completely ujnderstand the pricingc the financial ratings, the cash buildup within the policies. We must do what we must do with our medical malpractice Insurance product sales, work hard for our clients, understand that questions and hesitancy are an invitation to provide more, useful information. We must continue to work in order to help all of our policyholders understand why these products will help them manage their life and business imminent risks and liabilities.