Medical Director developing a MediSpa, Telemedicine or Medical Director Business

April 07, 2017

There are a lot of physicians with their own practice, private or industrial, who are interested in starting their own services, from Medical Concierge consulting work to many other ‘non clinical’ or non traditionally clinical medical practices. The Doctors Insurance Agency has made it our primary business to understand where the affordable and comprehensive insurance policies are to allow you to do just this. Our physicians (the ones who work with us to help them find these policies) are surprised , the ones who decide to start their own medical wellness aesthetic clinic to learn how affordable it can be to obtain a medical professional liability insurance policy.

The Doctors Insurance Agency and Lloyd’s Health Care Liability Underwriters

The Doctors Insurance Agency has worked with Lloyd's Insurance Company for many years.

Lloyd's is responsive to these niche markets. When the medical malpractice covers the clinic and the doctor is starting medical director work , MediSpa work or Telemedicine. The Doctors insurance agency is there with its roster of specialty carriers (worked over years to develop); relationships cultivated through hard work and many meetings)

The Cost of Medical Director and Medical Spa Professional Liability Insurance is surprisingly affordable:

To find a medical professional liability policy that fits your Medical Director Services work. This Medical director service work can be insured easily regardless of the state if

you're not directly supervising or providing direct patient care can be insured for $2000 plus taxes and fees annual premium

Medical Director Liability Insurance for paramedical Companies:

We have worked with the specialty markets for many years. There are doctors who sign contracts to provide medical director services. Medical Director Services provided for many different companies can be included (one of our doctors works as a physician supervisor for fire departments drug alternative rehab programs and a Medical Spa.) Our policy is $ 2,300 annual premium to cover her.

Many types of Telemedicine Physicians:

There are doctors who provide telemedicine supervision over mental health counselors:

Doctors who provide telemedicine consultations in multiple states and specialty care like neurology and there are many physicians where providing primary care through the use of telemedicine with expertise and focus and experience in these markets. The Doctors Insurance Agency is proud to say were finding coverage for physicians every day from minimum premiums as low as $1500 per year to policies that can range up to 10,000: our doctors have hybrid practices with some clinical care and telemed interstate consults: There is a Carrier and Underwriting Program that will fit your practice.

There are certainly parts of the states and country are more expensive than others but generally provide a medical director liability policies affordable and easy.

What do Underwriters of Medical Director and Telemedicine Policies review when considering Medical Professional Liability Insurance Policies:

Send us a copy or paragraph describing the services you are providing, a completed application, an estimate of revenue and percentage of your overall practice spent doing this : This is usually enough to underwrite and get a binding offer

Financial Strength and Experience in Underwriting

So you can be a specialist busy with your clinical practice and decide to scale back just a little bit to allow for time to develop your own MediSpa, your own telemedicine practice or you can start to provide services as a Medical Director. The Doctors Insurance Agency will help you find the policy that is appropriate with a company that's experienced in these health care niches. A company with the resources to fight the claim with the experts necessary to do so.