Medical Director’s Insurance

January 13, 2012

If you are asked to serve in the Directors Chair (as it were), before the production begins, call us ..or call me Brad O'Brien directly 415-218-2761.

Working with Lloyd’s of London and The Doctors’ Company, The Doctors Insurance Agency, Medical Director’s Liability Insurance has never been more affordable. One aspect of this work to consider; how to insure the medical director.

It is possible that the facility or medical group or hospital for which you are acting as Medical Director might already have this coverage. The liability coverage for the facility should, at least, be examined for this potential.

Certainly, surgery centers, medical spa’s and foot clinics, urgent care centers, hospitalist groups and emergency medical groups can all be written to include medical director coverage/liability into their policy.

If it is essential that you maintain insurance separate from the facility, perhaps, because you are an independent contractor physician providing these supervision services, then our agency can help you obtain the liability to protect you.

The Medical Director of any facility with broad professional liability exposure is certain to be named in a law suit against the entity. Having your own liability insurance policy supported by the conservative financial strength of Lloyd’s of London or The Doctors’ Company provides the peace of mind that you need.

In a recent article from online malpractice insurance specialists, I read:

Medical Directors generally are involved in credentialing, ensuring regulatory compliance, development of protocol, supervision of ancillary personnel, coordinating medical care, providing patient care oversight, chart review, and other administrative duties. All of this contributes to a large responsibility and puts the Medical Director at greater risk of liability than one might realize.

Most importantly, a Medical Director faces a much different risk than his/her colleague that does not act as a Medical Director Medical liability insurance policies (also known as medical professional liability insurance or medical malpractice insurance) generally answer claims arising from clinical incidents resulting from direct patient care provided, but will exclude the acts associated with the Medical Director’s administrative acts, duties, or decisions. Since most Medical Directors’ duties do not include direct patient care the liability risk stems mostly from Errors and Omissions rather than medical care negligence. Because of this, it is absolutely necessary to maintain a separate medical liability insurance policy that is designed specifically for Medical Directors and the risks faced while occupying this role.

Call the current company or the facility or the administrator (or, call us!) to help you inquire about whether or not ‘medical director’ liability insurance is included.

You should be named specifically for this coverage to provide the assurance that you need; Ask to be named to the policy, or ask us to help you obtain the proper medical director insurance for this work.