Medical Malpractice Excess Surplus Lines

March 05, 2020

The Doctors Insurance Agency provides Medical Malpractice Insurance solutions for physicians, mid-level providers, allied personnel, facilities and health care organizations. In our 30 plus years of providing these medical professional liability insurance solutions for physicians and facilities, a decreasing number of these fit into the pre-formed, state admitted insurance templates that have defined clinical professional liability for so long.

Healthcare is evolving, and private equity continues to fuel disruptive solutions that aim to improve society. Health care is becoming more accessible, providers more accountable, and patients less frustrated. That is the overarching goal, and the fact is that health care organizations just don't fit into the pre-stamped admitted markets as often as they used to.

That's not to say that the American Board of Medical Specialties doesn't exist: of course it does. The Doctors Company provides solutions for those physicians.

The Doctors Company is committed to learning how to handle all these new developments in the healthcare field and nurturing relationships with carriers to help physicians find solutions. It's the telemedicine age, and The Doctors Insurance Agency focuses on the areas that are arising in this age: Management, Functional Medicine, integrated wellness, Clinical Trials, Nurse Practitioner-owned Clinics, doctors that moonlight, students that need a two month externship. These are the niches that require expertise and access a national knowledge about and availability of the excess and surplus lines markets.

When you are offered a liability policy that says in bold print that this insurance carrier is not licensed by the state, read carefully. It does not mean that that company is insolvent, irresponsible, and close to financial ruin, seeking to take advantage of any willing premium payer.

It simply means that the forms that they use for insurance liability contracts can't be pre-stamped, and therefore they're not evaluated, approved, admitted and taxed by the States in which the carriers are domiciled. The excess and surplus lines markets allow for flexible forms to respond to the application representations made. They tell the underwriter and inform the broker of the unique services that your organization provides.

Wasting time with insurance agencies, carriers and brokers that don't understand the quick access and affordability of the excess and surplus lines market, and more importantly, the regulation of and participation in associations that require stringent guidelines.

Financial strength, consistency in underwriting and claimed commitment that is the focus that we bring to this market. We work hard to find liability insurance solutions for physicians and facilities every day, using a number of insurance companies regardless of where they are domiciled and regardless of whether the state has admitted the pre-stamped form.

The Excess & Surplus (E&S) division provides single-source solutions for your physician and healthcare clients seeking alternatives to the standard market medical professional liability coverage. Physicians, physician groups, and medical facilities are considered based on their unique attributes and requirements.

Billions of dollars are traded every day in this market. That means there are hundreds of physicians and health care organizations that need these creative and affordable solutions. As private equity money flows into health technology, insurance technology needs to stay in the race.

The Doctors Insurance Agency listens, travels, studies and convenes to be part of this evolving trend. We have access to the solutions necessary.

You will sign forms that declare that you understand the insurance company is not paying these taxes because their forms have not been pre-approved, because the risk that they bring to the market is not usual and ordinary. This doesn't mean that you are risking your premium dollars and the protection it purports to purchase. It simply means the company is fast acting and participating in the excess and surplus lines market.

The Doctors Company understands that a physician that has expert witness skills, consulting utility in directing health care organizations, and provides integrated wellness solutions to patients need policies that don't break the bank.

The Doctors Insurance Agency works nationally with 5000 physicians in 45 states. We can work with you to explore the best medical professional ability insurance, whether you have been canceled or are simply looking to make a change.