Medical Malpractice Insurance Advanced Practice Providers

November 07, 2022

The Doctors Insurance Agency insures Advanced Practice Providers for Medical Malpractice Insurance.

 We insure independent practices: Aesthetic, Functional, Clinical, Telemedicine and Clinical Research

 If you are an independent professional working alone or starting your own functional medicine, weight loss, nutrition or IV hydration practice, we have insurance programs and solutions for you.

We can help you obtain a policy with built-in malpractice insurance coverage to cover a physician collaborator/medical director. One of the biggest and most common mistakes is deferring that responsibility of procuring their own professional liability insurance to the medical director.

Without embedding the medical director coverage into your business liability policy, You will be required to obtain a new policy each time you switch Medical Directors. 

 Your aesthetic wellness professional liability insurance policy should recognize you as the named insured and owner while everyone else is working on your behalf and is covered as additional or endorsed insured.

 Whether planning to work alone or build an organization, The Doctors Insurance Agency professional liability insurance programs will accommodate everyone working on behalf of the organization.

 (Tip to the budding successful entrepreneurs: One policy is better than two. For telehealth policies looking to onboard many advanced practice clinicians to provide a national health healthcare service.

Similarly, for aesthetic professionals, The Doctors Insurance Agency can help you pick the right Medical Malpractice Insurance´╗┐ policy at the right price to help you manage and grow your business.

We work with custom designed advanced practice clinician (APC) programs:

A couple of them are designed to provide same day insurance coverage for individual advanced practice clinicians…  allowing you to purchase your own policy online..

Others are designed to affordably insure the entire organization… The programs provide coverage for nurse practitioners, certified registered nurse anesthetists, physician assistants, certified nurse midwives, and certified anesthesiology assistants.

The policies provide coverage for the business entity or entities and all owners and executives working on behalf. 

We also recently expanded our Advanced Practice Clinician (APC)  coverage to include every state.

Our goal is to keep the process simple… to provide an organizational policy that covers everyone in the organization… to provide one affordable policy to manage a complex and growing business.

 The policies will cover you and the shareholders: partners and any business entity or entities that you develop to help you protect your assets and market your services.

 As you grow your business, our agents will work with you to make sure you stay with one policy rather than requiring each professional to carry their own. 

 We have as many solutions as we have years of experience and professional liability agents. We are aligned with the nation's largest production underwriters and have clients in every state.

 We would love the chance to partner with you as you begin or grow your business.