Medical Malpractice Telemedicine Liability Insurance

April 08, 2020

The Doctors Insurance Agency started in 1988 by providing exclusive Medical Malpractice Insurance for solo, small and large groups of physicians.

Through working hard to develop discounted premium programs with hospitals and medical societies, we gained a clear appreciation of the importance of sustainable and resourceful liability solutions.

We have worked with malpractice providers to develop special coverage and premiums. We can extend separate limits to

Working with creative carriers in London, we’ve also developed programs for Colon Hydrotherapists, Medical Directors, Pathology, and DNA/RNA laboratory liability insurance. We provide:

  • Lab director coverage for PhD’s;
  • Physician Billing Errors, Omissions, and Clinical Trial organization liability insurance; and
  • custom MediSpa policies with coverage for medical directors

We always try to listen closely to the needs of physicians and groups, responding to their feedback and requests for varying ratings within specialties.

For example, anorthopedic groups specialization may support lower premiums and larger discounts based on the type and volume of surgeries. Ophthalmology groups may have some doctors that do not perform eye surgeries. Otolaryngology groups specializing in facial plastic and reconstruction, anesthesia groups that invest in pain management centers, and, many solo physicians and now private equity firms have invested in telemedicine organizations and platforms to deliver quality care at a more affordable rate. All of these groups need specialized plans designed to meet their individual needs.

Telemedicine occupies an increasingly larger part of our day (and consequently, our book of business). From wellness apps to chronic disease management, to support of ICUs and now Covid testing sites and consultations, telehealth is changing medicine.

The Doctors Insurance Agency is committed to finding Telemedicine Liability Insurance companies that understand the pricing, underwriting and claims support of telemedicine professional liability policies for small and national organizations.

From managing the varying practice profiles in many specialties, to learning when to extend the policies to allied medical providers and midlevels, we are working hard to keep up with all of the new developments in medicine so that we can help everyone find the coverage that is right for them.

The Doctors Insurance Agency (and our affiliated partners in Seattle, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Tampa) will continue to develop competitive policies to support the growing health tech solutions. There are some telemedicine companies that wish (and need) to eliminate the barrier to recruitment of physicians and other health care professionals by obtaining a policy that contains the flexible “blanket endorsement.” The blanket provider endorsement is a carefully contemplated tool priced into the annual medical professional liability policy. It allows the organization to staff according to demand without incremental premium costs. Importantly, these blanket provider endorsements build in tail costs so that providers are free to cancel and be assured that their as-yet unreported claims will be covered by the policy.

It takes time and expertise to understand the calculus and advocacy needed in order submit these applications, leverage the market, negotiate price, and partner the telemedicine organizations and physicians as they scale. Some telemedicine organizations prefer that each physician or other healthcare provider obtains their own insurance, especially in the early years of the practice.

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency, working with our production affiliates around the country, can quickly provide individual physician telemedicine liability insurance. These policies can be sustainable depending on the anticipated number of hours/consultations. These are reported on the application, along with the county and state in which you’re providing the telemedicine consults and the number of years you'll be maintaining the policy.

Each individual medical malpractice insurance policy covering you for telemedicine consultations will eventually require that you purchase a tail endorsement (known as an extended reporting endorsement) to cover you in the future for a stated number of months for claims that might stem from that time of medical telehealth service.

The Doctors Insurance Agency has medical professional liability specialists who can help you find the right coverage to help your start-up telemedicine organization and the individual contracted or employed physicians in your group find the right technical, cyber and medical malpractice insurance solution.