MediCare And Private Payer Audits continue

November 13, 2012

The Doctors Insurance Agency can help you complete your practice protection by adding greatly discounted Direct Cyber and Billingprotection for physicians in California. The Doctors Company has a special program for policyholders. Those insured for medical malpractice with The Doctors Company (TDC) also have 25,000 of Hipaa, EMTLA, Stark, Administrative defense coverage. Additionally, Doctors in every state who carry medical malpractice insurance with The Doctors Company also receive 50,000 ofCyber Liability at no cost. The Cyber Protection includes Notification, Penalties, And Extortion...each type of claim presents to our claims department.

Working closely with specialty Insurer, NAS Insurance, The Doctors Insurance Agency is able to offer a 'Buy up' of an additional One Million in insurance protection for just over 1,400 annually. This insurance protection completes an essential combination of coverage to insulate the physician, the staff, mid level providers from the financial losses of billing, data breach claims. With The Government providing incentives to whistle blowers, Private Audit Companies (many of which hire ex Government representatives to search for irregular billing patterns) and releasing a large staff of Technically savvy Auditors to initiate these, Medical practices must consider this protection, at least an additional 300,000 as mandatory.

The claims department at NAS, our partner and recognized expert in this field, report that claims of lost lap tops, stolen Ipads, and identity theft from the leaked Electronic Health Records are rising. Wht used to look like so much policy window dressing with the Extortion coverage as a throw-in, is now seeing increased frequency. There are rings of organized Data thieves specifically targeting physicians, facilities, imaging centers, or any other vendor which might have reason to store medical data. Protecting physicians from the threat of third party demands, from patients who are either angry or still sick, unfairly bringing a claim alleging negligence or in fact injured from error remains a vital part of the physician asset and practice protection plan. Now, with the supply and availability of lawyers, financial professionals and auditors ready to defend and represent physicians in the event of one of these audits or breach, this insurance is affordable and can provide necessary comfort.

Even if you're considering selling your medical practice, a complete insurance package of billing and data breach insurance, combined with directors and officers and employment practices(also provided by NAS) will boost the value of your medical practice. The government is initiating Recovery Audits and Zone Program Information Contractors to get to every case of overcharging patients that they can find.

The Doctors Insurance Agency and NAS Insurance Services can work together to add this protection.