More Nurse Estheticians are Making The Commitment to Open Their Own MediSpa

August 13, 2020

Medical Professional Liability Insurance for Nurse Estheticians

With training consisting of hours of supervision and specialized techniques, nurse estheticians are licensed to remove wrinkles, hair and varicose veins, enhance lip size, and perform sclerotherapy and many other applications and procedures all by injection. Many times, nurse estheticians make the commitment to open their own medi spa, and if that’s you then we can help you to insure yourself alone. This, of course, requires a Medical Spa Professional Liability policy that is more inclusive, and the cost and process can be simple.

Contracting and expanding with you, the policies are designed and priced to respond to only the procedures you are performing, which are represented on your annual application. Insuring medispa’s owned by physicians, advanced practice providers and nurse estheticians, the Doctors Insurance Agency has worked in this niche for 20 years and will partner with you as you grow to take on more technicians and techniques and utilize innovative products and procedures.

Newer cosmetic practices include cool sculpting, a non-surgical body shaping technique, and platelet-rich plasma treatments to encourage hair re-growth, A nurse esthetician may also use microdermabrasion to improve skin appearance or a laser to remove a tattoo. The policy that you carry should insure you as an owner of the entity; the insurance includes you as a practitioner and anyone else that you employ or associate with to work on behalf of your business. It should also be noted that many states require the supervision of a medical doctor, and that many medical spas combine wellness with esthetic procedures, services and treatments.

Wellness is a growing category that includes regenerative and functional medicine. This is why the choice of policy and company can enhance your business chances for success. In addition, the cost of these policies can be surprisingly affordable and easy to underwrite.

One of the key features of these policies is that they are built around the owner, meaning medical doctors and advanced practitioners should be interchangeable. The application you submit should represent the type and number of procedures, estimated revenue (state location) and the technicians and professionals with whom you associate. The policy should also be dynamic, flexible, affordable, and inclusive.

Oftentimes, Medical Directors of esthetic medical spas will be covered as an administrator only, meaning the policy does not include their direct patient care. To add direct patient care, the physician should submit an application to be scheduled on the policy specifically. This will allow the medical doctor to perform esthetic procedures and practice wellness and functional medicine.

As the services and treatments expand, the policy should specifically name the advanced practice providers and medical doctor performing those treatments. Otherwise, the medical doctor coverage is for administration and supervision only. It is also important if you are performing procedures that are categorized as Class One, such as botox, laser hair removal, tattoo fillers and peels that you present the proper certification, training, certificates and resumes in order to be properly underwritten and added to the policy.

Estheticians are covered for electrolysis, permanent makeup, massage peels, facials and medical esthetics, which are less invasive skin treatments.

The minimum premiums can be as low as 2500 depending on the part of the country, but they can start at 3500 as well. Deductibles range from 1000 to 5000, with limits often being a million. The limits of the medical spa will reflect what physicians are required to carry. This assures the doctor that they will not be the deep pocket for any claims. The medical spa policies are truly written to reflect the ownership and procedures performed and to protect all within.

If you are just starting out we can help you complete the applications and of course make a full submission to our specialty carriers in order to get competitive proposals. The Doctors Insurance Agency has been working in this Medical Malpractice Professional Liability space for two decades with 4000 clients in 44 states. We are ready to help and appreciate the opportunity.