Nurse Practitioners opening their own Aesthetic Medical Practice or Medical Spa

June 26, 2018

More and more nurse practitioners are opening practices catering to cosmetic procedures. Dependent on the state, nurse practitioners can start their entrepreneurial business independently, without requirements for supervision by a Medical Doctor while others mandate that a physician is involved in the practice on a supervisory/collaboration basis or even ownership basis. If you are considering an independent practice, be sure to check with your state nursing board prior to spending money on an injectable education and practice. States vary as to who can start a practice with/or employ a physician or even other nurses or aestheticians. You must also investigate whether your employees that are providing cosmetic procedures will require supervision. Again this varies state by state.

Also mandated by states is the type of services you can provide and how they are classified (medical vs. non-medical) and also how they are administered (prescriptive vs. non-prescriptive). You should provide only services that fall within your scope of training/practice and that of those you employ.

It is also important to understand the regulations surrounding legal entities such as limited liability companies and corporations as respects your aesthetic business for the state you will provide services in.

Once you have completed your research, completed your business plan, consulted with an attorney, and are ready to begin your practice, be sure to protect yourself with a good Medical Professional Liability Insurance policy. This insurance will help protect you and your employees against any claims of negligence in the delivery of services at your MedSpa or cosmetic practice.

We, at The Doctors Insurance Agency, have found that the most comprehensive coverage is a policy that provides coverage for you, your entity and your employees under one policy versus insuring everyone separately. A good Entity Professional Liability Insurance policy will include coverage for all your employed staff, including your contractors – this will ensure there is no gap in coverage for your business when they’re treating your clients.

In addition to professional liability, as the business owner you also need to secure a comprehensive general and property insurance policy. A general liability policy covers businesses for claims involving bodily injuries and property damage resulting from your products, services or operations. The Doctors Insurance Agency specializes in Medical Spa Professional Liability and General Liability Insurance.

We prefer Entity MediSpa Liability policies that include everyone, including the Medical Director of the MediSpa. For those states that require a Medical Directors Liability Insurance we can easily add this coverage for a nominal fee. We have also structured policies which allow for easy on-boarding and off-boarding of Medical Directors as your relationships change over time.

The Doctors Insurance Agency has a great deal of experience finding professional liability insurance for MediSpa, Nurse Practitioners, Cosmetic Nurses and Aestheticians, Medical Directors, etc.. We will work with you to find the most comprehensive coverage for your MediSpa practice to include employees, medical directors, property, etc