Obstetrics/Gynecology Medical Malpractice Insurance Does Not Have to be That Expensive:

July 15, 2015

One of the most expensive specialties to insure is: Obstetrics and Gynecology.

in some states, the premium, annually can be higher than $ 60,000; (although the cost has reduced somewhat over the last few years, due to fantastic, organized and rigorous work at the national and local association and clinic level), the rates are still subject to wild and unmanageable increases.

The task of recruiting new talent is made more difficult by the high cost of providing tail to an incoming OB candidate (which is known as retroactive insurance ). And the exit cost when a physician decides to cancel their policy and practice somewhere else (tail insurance), can bind a physician to a group, preventing them from leaving.
There are many things that Insurance agencies and brokerages familiar with OB/GYN practices can do to work to offset the high cost of recruiting physicians in to a practice.

Find an Insurance Carrier willing to write Retroactive Coverage:

The cost of retroactive insurance can be greatly mitigated by finding a national carrier with the ability to write prior acts coverage, even better if they can do it without charging a multiyear surcharge for the state from where the OB came (which assuming you are looking to go to a lower cost venue like Washingon,Colorado or California, can be prohibitively high for many months. Avoiding the exit cost to an incumbent insurance company is the key to a group’s growth. Our agency is expert at discussing ways to avoid purchasing unnecessary tail insurance.

The Doctors’ Company: National strength, hospitalist underwriting leader: Dr.'s insurance agency works with the national leader medical malpractice insurance, most insured policyholders physicians or medical providers and osteopathic physicians in the country. We insure physicians in every state which allows for flexibility in recruiting. Many companies cannot allow a doctor to move, they simply are not licensed to respond in all jurisdictions where claims might be presented. The Doctors Company, working with our team at the Doctors’ Insurance Agency has innovative policies that combine the affordability of claims made coverage with the flexibility of occurrence/roster type policies. These policies allow OB/GYN groups to contract with hospitals provide 24-hour care allows for easy ‘onboarding of new physicians. Additionally, we make it easy for the doctors to leave when the situation is not suited to them.

The exit cost of tail makes leaving a group not practical in many cases.

It is important when you are the administrator of any group, especially the administrator of an Ob/gyn to research carefully the upfront cost of retroactive coverage, to work closely with the company to underwrite carefully and structure policy with some conventional certificate holders alongside the doctors who are specifically providing obstetrical hospitalist services.

Containing Cost and monitoring the policy to make sure everyone and every risk is covered:

The Doctors’ insurance The Dr.'s insurance agency can monitor your roster leaving doctors on the policy even if they were once every other month. We can also help you decide whether to purchase the permanent tail coverage when a doctor leaves or a part of physician roster. This is key to the flexible hospitalist type of policy which many of the OB GYN groups that we ensure seem to be adding to their practice provider whether it is telemedicine, color consultations, hospitalist contracts, high risk obstetrical services, or conventional clinical practice forward to working with our markets and are patient safety specialists to bring the best product price control to your group.