Professional Liability Insurance for Mental Health and Assisted Living Organizations

November 18, 2022

The Doctors Insurance Agency works with adult day care and assisted living facilities—residential and outpatient—facility Professional and General Liability Insurance for Mental Health and Assisted Living organizations. Drug and Physical therapy is a growing industry. The global outpatient rehabilitation centers market size was valued at $ 79.8 billion in 2021 and is projected to experience an annual growth rate of 7 % from 2022 to 2030. 

Just as telemedicine, technology, and innovation have increased access to health care, awareness and effort to positively affect treatment so many mental , physical, and chronic healthcare conditions has increased as well. There is an increasing number of mental health professionals, rehab social services, and healthcare options to support many patients in need. 

We partner with Lloyds of London social services Medical Professional Liability Insurance to provide affordable solutions for these businesses. Because we can increase medical doctor access to more facilities, there is now a corresponding increase in mental health in and outpatient facilities. 

As a result of telehealth technology, there has been an increasing demand for our standalone medical director professional liability insurance policies.This awareness, access, and innovation has also created additional resources in behavioral health support. 

Telemedicine makes it possible for physicians to supervise and serve as medical directors for many of these facilities: skilled and assisted living as well as outpatient centers, occupational therapy rehab, and wellness clinics. 

The Doctors Insurance Agency – working with specialized insurance carriers and brokers to provide sustainable insurance programs covering these recovery and mental health centers. Professional and General Liability Insurance For Addiction Rehab and Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

The policies for healthcare organizations specializing in mental health and assisted therapies carry professional and general liability as well as cyber/privacy and non-owned auto.

Non-owned vehicles: An employee's personal vehicle used for conducting company business.Typical examples include sales people making visits, employees running office errands, participating in volunteer work, or traveling to offsite business meetings. 


Low starting Premium for Many Organizations

Addiction treatment, property and casualty liability insurance programs for physicians, organizations and, facilities

 Insuring the physician separate from the facility

The Doctors Insurance Agency provides medical professional liability for physicians specializing in addiction medicine. 80% of doctors who specialize in addiction medicine are actually doing outpatient treatments. 

We can provide part-time affordable Telemedicine Malpractice Insurance policies for those specializing in addiction medicine psychiatry and rehabilitative therapy. Some policies exclude inpatient facility work.

 The challenge with excluding inpatient facility work is that the other 20 %...addiction medicine specialists that are more serious about addiction medicine end up in detox, inpatient facilities, or medical director positions. Most physician liability insurers write these policies… but they are careful… approving them usually sparingly when in conjunction with other clinical work. 

A senior underwriter responded yesterday: 

"… we don't have a rate class for addictionology.  Typically we rate the providers within the specialty class which is like usually either FGP/INT/

or PSY that usually deal in that type of medicine. And we add an ADM endorsement when they provide certificate or board information to attest to their training...

 We also are careful about inpatient treatment but if this work represents a small percentage of the overall practice, the carriers will not exclude from coverage. 

The Doctor's Insurance Agency works to find the right individual medical malpractice policy for addiction medicine physicians. And we are committed to finding  the right medical malpractice policies for health care organizations working in the area of rehab addiction recovery and mental health.