Protect your Healthcare Organization from Cyber Threats

December 19, 2023

Every healthcare business is at risk of cyber-attack. From small independent physician practices and national private equity-funded startups to large healthcare organizations and organizations—no matter the size or complexity.  

The Doctors Insurance Agency provides online marketplace access to bindable Cyber Liability Insurance quotes from multiple carriers within minutes. 

Specializing in healthcare businesses, our digital solutions and national carrier partnerships ensure convenient online quoting with the scale of the nation’s largest brokerage network.

Protect your healthcare organization from cyber threats with cyber insurance. 

 Most of our Medical Professional Liability Insurance policies include cyber limits, and the extent of coverage depends on the particular contract with payers.

Since these policies usually respond to first- and third-party expenses, the Doctors Insurance Agency has partnered with At Bay, a respected cyber liability underwriter and one of our appointed carriers, who provide first- and third-party coverages across fourteen insuring agreements.   

Here are some of the biggest highlights of our cyber insurance base form: 

  • “Future Proof” Prevention Measures
  • - the costs to improve security after an event to prevent similar attacks

▪︎     Contingent System Failure for Programming Errors
 - system failures from coding errors or software updates

  • Bricking Costs
    - the restoration and replacement of damaged hardware, available to full limits
  • Expert Witness Costs
    - attendance costs and fees for expert witnesses required for litigation
  • - reimbursement to executives for testifying and attendance in court
  • Consumer Redress Fines
    -fines imposed by regulators to benefit harmed consumers
  • Corrective Audit Costs
    - cost of security audits imposed by regulators after an event
  • PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) Audit Costs
    - cost of security audits required to become PCI-DSS recertified
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    - fines and penalties for GDPR violations, including explicit coverage for the “Right to be Forgotten.” 

 If you are required to carry high cyber limits in order to comply with payer contracts, we will utilize our markets to find you the policy that matches the terms of the contract. 

Our Cyber Network Security Carriers stay on top of emerging cyber threats to develop new insurance contracts and conditions which protect from cyber risks as they emerge. 

The Doctors Insurance Agency, Aura Risk, Amwins, and our national broker partners are ready to go to work for you.