Risk Management results in reduced malpractice premium.

Risk Management results in reduced malpractice premium.

August 04, 2011

The Doctors Insurance Agency can help you find the right patient safety, Risk Management Course. The Doctors' Company is the nation's largest provider of Medical Malpractice Insurance for physicians and facilities. And, Risk Management is a large part of the service that you get when you become a member of this fantastic company. In a time when the individual physician premium is, in part, determined by the risk management program participation and online courses taken and hospital reimbursements are cut depending upon readmission rates for Cardio or Pneumonia cases in the elderly, this is an integral part of selecting a medical malpractice Insurance Carrier.

The Doctors Insurance Agency in California makes it a priority to listen to our physicians describe their practices. The past coverage gaps and past claims experiences are all parts of the underwriting decisions and rating. Additionally, it is important to explain the alliances, affiliations with mid levels, medical directorships, ownership in different medical organizations and, in general to make sure you have an advocate and agent representing you for the right specialty professional liability carrier at the right cost. The right cost, in most cases means that you are paying for the risk, nothing more and not less than you need.

Recently, we were able to assist an Orthopedic Surgeon obtain a full 50% reduction in premium due to a split practice..part County Hospital and part private practice. Normally Surgical specialties fall into a full time category without exception. It is important to understand the professional, administrative and business coverage offered under medical malpractice insurance policies. The Doctors Insurance Agency will push hard, working for you to obtain premium that is commensurate with your real risk. And, we will ensure that the disciplinary, Medical Board, Billing Inquiry and data breach coverage is included in your personalized professional liability policy.

With CMS, DHHS, and the Office of Civil Liberties investigating more physicians each day, it is imperative to phone and ask about these issues and to find the risk management programs that will support premium discounts.