Starting a Telehealth Business

November 09, 2023

Starting a telehealth side business on your own with very little equity is courageous and challenging… And it requires faith and conviction…Lean in!

As Sheryl Sandberg says in her book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead: “Done is better than perfect.” 

This simple advice from the genius Sheryl Sandberg inspires us all “to accept the challenge of doing something and try hard to do it.” 

 Independent Physician Practices 

The Doctors Insurance Agency works with insurance carriers that specialize in conventional clinical Medical Malpractice Insurance policies as well as independent physician practices to place their medical malpractice insurance. Since many individual physicians are expanding their practices by starting a side telehealth business, the Doctors Insurance Agency has prioritized telehealth medical malpractice insurance. 

In addition to solo practitioners, private equity investors are starting interstate telehealth medical groups. 

 Working with a carrier to insure your interstate telehealth business is an entirely different process (involving different pricing) than finding a solo conventional medical malpractice policy.

 Further distinguished from telehealth and brick and mortar is the Aesthetic Professional Liability Insurance (APLI) policy.   

 The Doctors Insurance Agency is active in all 3 of these specialty areas offered by APLI, and we work in the aesthetic, professional, anti-aging integrated wellness space, which means the carriers write policies that include stem cells, weight loss, skin and hair health, sexual health, and lifestyle and functional medical practices. 

At the Doctors Insurance Agency, we can help you find discounted competitive premiums with the right fit for your practice. 

In addition to finding the right Telemedicine Medical Professional Liability policy, it is important to have partners that can help you run plan and operate your business.

We are proud to represent the nation's largest, physician-owned medical malpractice insurance company—The Doctors Company. 

The Doctors Insurance Agency has also been appointed to represent a team of professionals at The Medical Advantage Group, where they specialize in developing solutions as unique as your practice. Today’s healthcare market is creating tremendous opportunities for specialists and specialist groups to increase profitability and quality of care delivered. Medical Advantage’s expert consultants have experience assisting specialist groups through this changing marketplace marked by an increasing private equity presence, competition, and complex practice administration tools. 

 From the design of your website to responding to medical board inquiries, administrative disciplinary actions, and allegations of bodily injury resulting from medical service, physician practices must do everything they can to stay viable and competitive. “Medical Advantage and The Doctors Insurance Agency can help—with over two decades’ experience assisting providers at the point of care to implement clinical, technical and insurance solutions.

 When you’re ready to accept the challenge of starting a telehealth side business, we are available and excited to help!