Starting Your Own Mobile Service for Skin Care and Injectables

October 28, 2020

If you have started your own part-time, mobile service for skin care and injectables, and now you're growing—providing more medical aesthetic services, continuing your journey in training and certifications, achieving more medical credentials—you need a Medical Professional Liability Insurance policy.

You need a policy that grows with you to match your business completely, a policy that understands and accommodates the services that you are providing.

Medical Spas are continuing to grow. The industry is expanding and the rate of change requires insurance companies that are committed, competitive and responsive to claims. A Medispa Professional Liability Insurance policy must provide insurance to cover you for injectable services in an established spa setting as well as in customers' homes and at conventions. These common settings help you to grow your business. Your insurance contract also needs to grow with you as you add other providers: nutritionists, dietitians, massage therapists, colon hydrotherapists and other wellness professionals.

Medical Spa Professional Liability Insurance includes all working on behalf

The best medical spa professional liability policies are underwritten at the organizational level. They consider all of those “working on behalf” of the spa. The coverage also names the owners, whether they are medical professionals or laypeople.

All executives, officers and directors are covered for professional liability claims for the medispa by a single policy with a shared per incident limit. This gives the owners the flexibility to hire and fire, to expand and contract and experiment with new services without budget-crushing additional premiums.

You should look for a policy that allows changes in personnel without triggering tail. Additionally, make sure you choose a policy that has elements of occurrence built into the affordability of claims made.

These policies are underwritten by financially strong and experienced carriers: most medical spas, regardless of the laws in your state that govern supervision, will require some medical oversight.

Medical directors will lend their expertise and credential as administrators working to establish protocol and processes, ensuring patient security and safety.

These policies allow you to expand personnel and services, such as the hiring of a physician assistant to incorporate an element of primary care, expanding with nurse practitioners expert in aesthetic treatments, investing in aesthetic products and laser equipment—all of which brings an element of lawsuit potential and requires a comprehensive general and medical professional liability solution.

The commercial general and medical professional liability policies respond to contractual insurance requirements you will encounter. They extend insurance for medical spa property endorsements to cover damaged stolen or spoiled material inventory or capital equipment in the event of fire or other casualty. You can switch medical directors, introduce new mid-level providers and medical assistance and estheticians.

Policies range from 3000 to 7500, depending on your services, personnel and revenue.

The Doctors Insurance Agency has worked over many years with a dozen specialty medical professional liability insurance companies who are providing polices for medical spas and aestheticians in 44 states, placed with over 10 different carriers. We are invested in this niche and will help find you the policy that meets all your needs.