Telemedicine and Technology have Increased Access to Health Care

January 12, 2023

Medical Facilities Liability Insurance 

Drug and physical therapy is a growing industry. 

The global outpatient rehabilitation centers market size was valued at $79.8 billion in 2021 and is projected to experience an annual growth rate of 7 % from 2022 to 2030. Awareness and innovation bring additional resources for patients needing mental health and behavioral support. 

Telemedicine and technology have increased access to health care. Increased access to care supports this growing need for addiction and mental health treatment. 

The Doctors Insurance Agency provides Medical Professional Liability Insurance into this niche.

We write liability insurance for psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health organizations,- as well as outpatient or residential treatment/recovery facilities.

As you grow your mental health organization, it is important to know about strategies for your malpractice policy, which can help you accommodate a roster of providers without each of them having to purchase tail when they join or leave the organization.

 How to insure your healthcare organization:

 The Doctors Insurance Agency has been a partner with the nation's largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurance company since 1988.

During this time, we have expanded from insuring solo medical doctors and small healthcare facilities to med spas, interstate telehealth start up organizations, mental health organizations, and addiction recovery centers.

The Doctors Insurance Agency partners with national carriers to provide the 4 pillars of our healthcare organization insurance program:

▪︎ Professional liability protection

▪︎ Premises or general liability insurance

▪︎ Medical director liability protection

▪︎ Cyber security to respond to 1st and 3rd party expenses from a data leak/breach

 [Medical director coverage can include supervision of facility providers and direct patient care.]

Solutions to keep us healthy are changing, and liability insurance solutions for addiction treatment needs to change with it.

Insuring an addiction treatment center requires a package of professional and general liability coverages based on the unique specifications of the facility.

The Doctors Insurance Agency can help you insure the building, the contents, and all professionals working on behalf of the organization.

Occurrence AND claims made within the policy:

These policies are a combination of claims made (to keep the prices down) and occurrence to provide tail when your provider's cancel while the policy is active.

Premiums and coverage terms are determined by considering the following:


▪︎ the number of outpatient visits;

▪︎ the extent of the services provided; and

▪︎ the number of medical doctors or advanced practice providers

▪︎ in- or outpatient

▪︎ telehealth services interstate

▪︎ annual revenue


Addiction treatment outpatient and inpatient center Policies carry similar coverage terms and details.

Our experience in the following areas informs the choice of carriers for addiction treatment centers:

  • Healthcare rehabilitation providers (M.D.s and advanced practice clinicians)
  • Clinics: community, family planning, rural & more
  • Dialysis centers
  • Emergicenters/urgicenters
  • Imaging, x-rays, CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds
  • Mobile healthcare operations
  • Medical laboratories, drug testing, paternity, pathology & more
  • Sleep centers
  • Surgery centers

There is an increasing number of mental health professionals, and a corresponding increase in mental health in-and outpatient facilities.

Telemedicine solutions help make it possible for physicians to supervise and serve as medical directors for these facilities, which ultimately increases the access improves the quality and reduces the cost of these facilities.

 The Doctors Insurance Agency would like to share our knowledge and leverage our markets to help you find a policy that fits and grows with you.