Telemedicine Start up Websites, Patient Safety, Billing and Liability Insurance

February 04, 2021

Telemedicine Medical Professional Liability Insurance

The Doctors" Insurance Agency In partnership with The Doctors Company and Medical Advantage HealthCare Consulting is pleased to offer the following to all start up and developing Telehealth clients:

Telehealth Technology Selection Advisory Services

We can work with you to select a platform, implement billing and patient safety systems, get the word out to attract new patients and manage proper patient record, billing and safe follow up protocols.

(1) We can help with where to start, get going, selecting the best technology solution, rolling it out

Assist practice in selecting telehealth technology as needed

Telehealth module in the practice EHR

(2) Organizations that have the right technology but patient visits are not where they want them to be. We can help with strategies on how to engage virtual meetings & how to manage getting that number to increase.

  • Recommendations on patient communication
  • Outreach campaigns
  • Enabling text, patient portal, and automated voice

(3) Unwilling patients to use telehealth and how to coach staff to encourage them to use telehealth.

Facilitate communication and alignment about the telehealth initiative throughout the practice

(4) Billing and Coding - helping practices with coaching or technology solutions to make billing of telehealth visits less time consuming and more accurate for reimbursement.

We will help you optimize practice reimbursement, and drive practice revenue, through your Telehealth offering.

If there is anything I can do to help identify practices for additional solutions Medical Advantage has to offer, please don"t hesitate to contact me. I can get our experts in each of the service offerings on a call to help in this first step of identification, or the client introduction process - making sure we are all on the same page.

5) Setting up Best Practices

  • Individual training for office scheduler
  • Setting proper expectations with patient
  • Pre-visit preparations
  • Recommended visit types - best suited