The Doctors' Company- poised to manage consolidation of physicians

August 31, 2012

The Doctors’ Company is one of the most balanced medical malpractice insurance companies in the nation.

With risks spread over many states and many specialties The Doctors’ Company has never been better positioned to weather the storm of uncertainly that lies ahead.

The declining physician pool will force many insurance companies in the small physician and surgeon segment into strategies that will see them pushing for new coverage on miscellaneous risks. The problem is: if an insurance company is not diversified, obtaining risk and premium from outside the state, the company may have to partner with a larger medical malpractice Carriers. No longer are the physician controlled practices overseen by one or two physicians, many times corporate entities and/or businesses watch over these medical practices. The insurance company that steps in to defend and indemnify needs to specialize, providing premiums that understand and price the risk accordingly. The Doctors’ Company, with so many years of experience understands why individual physicians want to remain independent, small groups want to remain small, close to the decisions and patients. We have some resources in our agency to help practices maximize their contracts, evaluate their scheduling and make the most out of efficient billing. While that work is done by consultants that focus on that work, charging appropriate fees for this service,

Our agency will work with you to reduce risk and premium.

There are mixed conditions right now for small physician practices resulting from changes to the health care delivery system. Practices facing financial instability due to slashes in Medicare reimbursements are looking to provide new procedures which bring in more revenue and the physician members of the groups are taking contract work requiring creative solutions outside their standard malpractice insurance carrier.

Of 5,000 physicians surveyed earlier this year, The Doctors’ company found that more than half of them indicated that they expect to change their practice models in the next five years.

Of the group, 83 percent said that they expect to move from solo or small group practice to larger practices. A medial news website poll shoed that 26 percent of practices with 10 or fewer doctors expect to face closure due to financial constraints. Despite the trend toward larger practices, some statistics suggest a great number of small physician groups expect to thrive on using outsourced services like these and the services of agents, billing experts and consultants to help them thrive.

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency with years of hard work of developing specialty insurance solutions can help you maintain your primary medical malpractice insurance coverage while obtaining affordable coverage for medical director work, expert witness, independent medical evaluations, medical spa procedures, ownership of rehabilitation or imagine centers, or many other services and businesses that you may decide to pursue.

Our affiliation with Professional Program Insurance will allow you to practice and to try more professional contract work than you thought possible.