The Doctors Insurance Agency Specializes in Medispa Malpractice Insurance

July 09, 2021

This Medical Spa Professional Liability Insurance is affordable and simple to underwrite.

A little planning and thought has to go into the submission to specialty carriers in order to ensure that all professionals and each service and procedure is included in the policy.

 Here are some of the questions that it's important to consider:

  • Does your business entity need to be covered?
  • Do you have multiple operators and staff?
  • How many practitioners/operators need coverage?
  • Will you need medical director coverage?
  • Do you need to provide coverage for a physician providing aesthetic or wellness services?
  • Do you provide any telemedicine services?


With this information we’ll be able to send you the correct application so that you'll be able to obtain the best quote possible for your risk.

In order to capture all services, procedures and professionals, include estimates of each service, breaking down each category in specific detail.

Additionally, you should project your revenue over a 12 month period. These are the important variables that will inform the pricing and the policy details.

Medispa entity coverage will automatically include coverage for the administrative duties of your medical director.


For any direct patient care, the medical doctor will need to complete a short physician application.

Whenever a medical doctor provides service directly for a medical spa they will be underwritten in a similar fashion as if they were practicing clinical care.

Their rating will be based on the services they’ll provide at the medispa. Their application should include a copy of their CV, as well as their Medical Malpractice Insurance history (more commonly known as a claims experience report) from their current carrier.


When projecting numbers, procedures and services, we recommend taking a very conservative approach in the first year. The most important thing is including all the services you expect to offer.

The underwriter uses the application as the basis for the coverage under the policy, so you'll want to be as thorough as possible.


That said, you won’t be penalized for underestimating, particularly in your first year, so don’t stress, just include your best guess—if the underwriters have further questions, we’ll let you know.

The Doctors Insurance Agency has been working actively in this niche within the health care liability industry for over 20 years. We look forward to assisting you in finding the best coverage for the right price.