The Keys to a Successful Telehealth Urgent Care

June 17, 2021

Telehealth Urgent Care is a live, online video visit with a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant (or many other health care professionals)

for non-life-threatening conditions such as a fever, flu, cold, sore throat and more. Telehealth urgent care is a great option when it's not an emergency.

Telehealth urgent care is one of the many specialty niches served well by health technology. Telehealth is one of those innovations that is at once disruptive and progressive.

Leveraging these technology can help achieve the three overarching ideals of the Affordable Act. These ideals are to increase access to care, improve quality of care and decrease cost. 


An important factor that contributes to decreasing costs and moving this telehealth medical services forward is medical malpractice policies that support health technology. 

The Doctors Insurance Agency has specialized in Medical Malpractice Insurance for over 30 years.

The keys to a successful Telehealth Urgent Care Medical Professional Liability policy are to provide the affordability of a claims-made policy along with with the important tail coverage baked into occurrence policies.


The Doctors Insurance Agency Telehealth Urgent Care Liability policies achieve those two important priorities. With tail built in to cover terminating physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other allied medical personnel, you'll be free of the administrative expense and burden of managing future claims on behalf of the many professionals with whom you work.

An important pillar in our business is the physician owned carrier, The Doctors Company. The Doctors Company has taught us many lessons about the careful underwriting of specialties.

In our experience and by some accounts, The Doctors Company helped to create the patient safety movement.

Their underwriting team was first to market with patient safety and practice protocol premium discounts, and low rated categories commensurate with the reduced claims outcomes.

We work with them and with our broker partners throughout the country to find patient safety and practice protocol details to support competitive and discounted malpractice premiums.

Telehealth gradual underwriting acceptance:

In 2002 we wrote an insurance policy for two radiologists in the Santa Clara, CA area. This policy needed a conventional medical professional liability limit so they could be credentialed at the local hospitals,

as well as to be able to show proof of insurance to other physicians and physician groups with whom they were working to provide overnight tele-radiology services. 

They quickly learned that they could combine direct patient care and secondary support for many groups using high resolution secure T1 Internet lines.

They were an early innovator using asynchronous technology to instantly read results, so that patients visiting an emergency room for simply needing the specialized interpretation of a radiologist could get immediate access to this specialty care.  


Mindful of the importance of containing the cost of medical malpractice, The Doctors Company developed their mission to protect the practice of good medicine.

Inherent in that message is a commitment to improving the quality and decreasing the cost of healthcare: two of the three tenants. Increasing access is achieved by doctors investing in technology.

We believe that our daily work to help insurance carriers understand the telehealth market and to refine and develop policies that cover all allied advanced practice and medical doctors helps move us in that direction of increased access to higher quality and more affordable care.

The Doctors Insurance Agency continues its commitment to supporting this effort.