Urgent Care Center Physician Professional Liability Can Be More Affordable Than You Think

May 19, 2023

The Doctors Insurance Agency provides medical malpractice insurance for urgent care centers.

The Medical Professional Liability Insurance policy for the urgent care center should be structured in a unique way (unique as in different. From individual medical malpractice insurance policies.

The Urgent Care Center policy should name the entity as the Named Insured. 

This medical malpractice insurance structure allows the entity to have flexible onboarding (and off boarding) of the medical providers working on behalf of the urgent care center {It is important to understand the significance of the Named Insured [aka -The "NI"] on a medical professional malpractice insurance policy.}

The NI Is the center of the insurance policy. Policies are either entity- or individual-‘centric’. This insurance policy design allows for a broad and inclusive definition of insured the  urgent care center entity. 

Medical Malpractice Insurance for urgent care centers should be 'entity central'. The language within the entity-centric medical professional insurance policy protects the owners, the executives {medical and non-medical}, and of course, all medical professionals working on behalf. 

Urgent Care Occurrence Coverage: 

A common concern about any medical malpractice insurance policy is providing tail for the providers and the entity.

Another powerful and elegant feature of these Urgent Care Professional Liability Insurance policies is that they include elements of occurrence (tail) without the high present value cost (annual premium).

These policies have elements of both occurrence coverage and claims made included. This insurance allows for ease of recruitment with the promise of ongoing coverage for:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Advanced Practice Clinicians
  • Nurses and
  • other Allied Health Professionals working on behalf of the organization.

 Urgent care claims made coverage

While the policy design allows for doctors to cancel without the need to purchase their own separate tail, these medical professional urgent care liability policies also have the best of claims-made:

They are priced in the present ‘loss year’, (which means they have significantly lower premium) And, defers the organization entity cost of tail to the end of the business or policy life cycle - when you are ready to cancel. 

When you submit a cancellation document, the insurance carrier will offer (per the terms of the contract) options to extend coverage into the future.

The one-time premium for this extension (otherwise known as tail) corresponds to the length of the extension.

The entity-centric design allows easy scheduling for doctors.

It is the scheduling of doctor's that is this unique dynamic that provides for the ongoing coverage for all medical doctors, who have provided services for the entity but are no longer active.

 Adding additional locations and advanced practice (and nurse) providers. 

Additional pricing and contract features allow these policies to scale well.

You can add additional locations in other cities and states.

You can add providers medical doctors to medical assistance.

Additional modalities also are easy to add often with no or little additional premium. 

The Doctors Insurance Agency works with over 30 specialized international and domestic professional liability healthcare insurance companies.

We are ready to assist you in your urgent care center.