US Medical Students, Residents and Fellows

November 07, 2012

Just took a call from a 4th year Medical Student in Lebanon. He's enrolled in a 30 day training program at UCSF Medical School but needs Medical Malpractice coverage in order to attend. We have a great resource for inexpensive medical malpractice coverage with $1M/$3M limits with policies available for terms as short as 1-5 months, 6 mos, & 12 mos. We have a simple application and approval can be done in days.

For US Medical Students, Residents, and Fellows - The same economical coverage can be used with the United States, for short term specialized training programs outside of their home programs. We obtained coverage for a Pulmonologist at Stanford University who was traveling out of state to train on a specialized technique in Ohio. He only needed coverage for three weeks where as the standard medical malpractice carriers' minimum policy terms are for a full year, costing thousands of dollars.