What are we doing ‘selling’ insurance at a time when so many of us can obtain it online.

What are we doing ‘selling’ insurance at a time when so many of us can obtain it online.

July 26, 2011

We are advocating, learning, listening and speaking for you, our clients. Every day, our agents are working with physicians to properly define and represent their practice to underwriting. This is to make sure that not only is the premium is appropriately competitive, in synch with this capital abundant market, to also make sure that the entire practice is insured to the extent that is necessary.

Physicians are joining large organizations, forming alliances, buying and selling practices, there is not only the business of practicing medicine that incurs risk, but also the business off running a practice, making decisions, acting appropriately fairly to partners and future partners. We, at our insurance Agency in California can help you analyze it all, to represent you to the underwriters and ultimately to provide you the most competitive premium available to include all of the risk that rises to practices and administrators. (yes, administrators can be included under the entity, especially if they own a share in the practice, the practice needs to have directors and officers insurance to respond to mismanagement of asset allegations.

There are also facilities, entitles and ancillaries to consider in the malpractice insurance package as well:

Whether you are a physician working for a medical spa or a business owner operating a surgery center or the administrator of a Gastroenterology Practice (which also happens to own an Endoscopy Center, you need the proper insurance coverage. Surgery Centers, Med Spa’s, Endoscopy Centers and Imaging Centers need to be covered with their own separate limit of liability insurance. Especially in this time of large group practices proliferating on to the healthcare scene. We are seeing physicians brought up on disciplinary charges for not practicing within their specialty, the California Board of Medical Quality Assurance brining physicians before them for not properly supervising at one of these facilities and an overall increase in the incidents of vicarious liability charges in medicine. his is all to say that medical entities, not just physicians are experiencing an increase in claims.

The grouping of medical delivery in California has increased the number of physicians operating or working in a medical spa (or similar facility) and this is inherently risky. Many of the services are customary to a medical practice, even at a Spa, the services are “medical” in nature going beyond the traditional “day spa” regimen. Without the proper insurance coverage you may be exposing yourself to uncovered expenses, and, possibly even claim payments that could ultimately lead to spending down your heard earned assets or even bankruptcy. Be certain that your livelihood is protected from these risks with strong, intelligent advocacy that is specially designed for day spas, medical spas, anti-aging clinics, Gastroenterology /Endoscopy Centers and other facilities that offer outpatient services.

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency has been providing insurance and risk-management solutions to individuals, groups and corporations for over a twenty years. By contacting the Medical Malpractice Department of TDIA, an experienced associate will examine your past experience, current situation and future needs to tailor the correct coverage package for you.