You Only Need One Insurance Policy to Cover your Anti Aging and Aesthetic Practice

October 15, 2018

Is there one Medical Malpractice Professional Liability Insurance policy that covers a physician practicing some conventional, primary care medicine (taking histories, physicals and even prescribing appropriate "Pharma" remedies, antibiotics, topicals, meds) but diagnoses chronic disease with an eye toward 'integrating' a holistic solution.

Do you need more than one medical malpractice insurance policy to cover your anti - aging practice: One to cover Testosterone supplements, hormone therapies, stem cell injections, or other anti aging treatments. Another policy which covers the lifestyle, 'medical consultations, including nutrition, life environment, food choices, exercise routines, ....And a third to cover aesthetic (laser, skin treatments, injectables or other aesthetic services).

To be sure, there are many physicians who (sort of by default) have exactly this insurance situation; their work in functional medicine has evolved by way of agreeing to provide different therapies for holistic wellness centers, physical therapy offices or medispas ..and, then they realize that this is their medical service calling!

Some malpractice insurance policies do not cover ‘non direct patient care’ services; these policies contemplate the wide range of functional services and include all of them.

To provide an individualized holistic approach to achieve real, remarkable results that can change the trajectory of our nation's healthcare and overall wellness.

Many doctors are drawn to Functional Medicine because they want to make a difference. Seeing so many patients suffering recurring chronic illness acts as a siren call to action. These practitioners are changing the methods of practice ; taking an integrative holistic approach to 'whole person and whole lifestyle' solutions geared toward prevention and vitality rather than medicate and respond to morbidity. These functional medicine doctors view the person in totality, treating the root cause of dis-ease.

Functional Medicine represents a paradigm shift.

This practice requires that the patients become more directly involved in the outcome of their health. Combining healthy life style choices with health education, community and family health awareness, they believe that a healthier society is ahead of us. Trained in conventional 'medical board specialty' practices of medicine with emphasis in various specialties: Family Practice, Peds, Anesthesia, Surgical Specialties, or any of the Internal Medicine subspecialties. These physicians often have years of dedicated service within their 'western medicine specialties'. And, this is how they end up with so many different medical professional liability policies.

It is important to know that there are malpractice, or 'medical professional liability' insurance carriers that understand physicians need one solution.

One policy can cover the functional medical consultations and services (which are- at this time understood to be the aesthetic, anti aging supplements, lifestyle counselling and traditional primary care diagnostic services) which can inform the functional treatments.

The one premium, one limit per claim, one Anti Aging- Lifestyle and Functional Medicine Insurancepolicy theory is the best answer for these innovative physicians.

One policy for Anti Aging and Aesthetic

The main thing to find is a company that does not exclude the anti aging injections or aesthetic services, additionally, the medical professional liability policy should be competitively priced, have affordable options for different tail periods (one year, three year, five year) and, should allow for a bodily injury claims under the policy stemming from any of the functional procedures or elements of practice.

The policy should not experience significant year over year increases like a standard physician medical malpractice insurance policy. These policies will increase for the first three years (but at a more manageable percentage). The carriers are strong and the underwriters are committed and experienced in this space.