If you think you're getting the best coverage for your money ask yourself these questions

Is your policy backed by the largest insurer of physician and surgeon medical liability nationwide?

Nearly 55,000 insured physicians and $3 Billions in assets, The Doctors Company (TDC) protect their reputations and livelihoods, no other carrier can provide the same comprehensive coverage and member benefits. TDC will defend and protect you anytime, anywhere. TDC protect physicians by looking ahead at new trends in medical malpractice liability and countering plaintiffs' strategies.

Does your insurer have the industry's most aggressive defense?

No other insurer is more aggressive when it comes to claims defense strategies. The proof is in our actions.

Even with the industry's best legal defense team, we believe you can never be too prepared. That's why TDC conduct Annual Legal Summits- assemblies where the nation's most experienced defense attorneys share best practice on today's medical malpractice liability strategies. And should you have a claim that goes to trial, TDC Litigation Education Retreats will educate you and prepare you for your testimony. It's all part of a strategy to win.

Does your insurer financially reward you for doing what's right?

TDC rewards doctors for their loyalty and dedication with a significant financial career reward. The Tribute Plan is a one-of-a kind benefit that provides long-term members with a significant financial reward. How significant? Think "new car" or maybe "vacation home"

Tribute Plan: As a loyalty reward 10% of an insured physician’s premium is set aside each year in a separate ‘retirement, return of premium account’ which is payable back to the eligible physician upon retirement.

Is your insurer chosen by the nation's most prestigious medical organizations?

Leading organizations representing more than 250,000 physicians and surgeons have chosen TDC as their Medical Malpractice Liability insurer, including:

American College of Physicians, American College of Surgeons, American Society pf Plastics Surgeons, America Association of Neurological Surgeons, American Academy of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery, and University Health System Consortium.

Does your medical malpractice liability insurer provide 24/7 service and support?

TDC provides industry-leading patient safety tools, programs, service and support. Through CME programs, interactive tools, on-site visits and an extensive seminar series, their experts improve the environment in which you practice medicine.

And should you experience an adverse event, the company's on-call specialists are available to answer your questions day or night, 24/7.

The Doctors Insurance Agency

The Doctors Insurance Agency is your Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance solution. We are flexible, resourceful and innovative when it comes to providing the highest quality protection for physicians, surgeons and other health care providers in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Floria, Hawaii

We are proud to represent The Doctors Company since 1988, an organization created by doctors for doctors, with the mission of advancing, protecting and rewarding the practice of good medicine. We look forward to showing you how The Doctors Company can safeguard your reputation and your practice.

Give us a chance to go to work for you providing lower premiums and comprehensive coverage. Contact The Doctors Insurance Agency at 800-553-9293.

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