Medical Practice Efficiency

The Doctors' Insurance Agency have heard that Risk Management and patient safety is simply stating the intuitive. Well, that may be; and we believe that it can’t be stated enough; documentation, documentation, documentation are just before knowledge and habits in what makes for a risk proof practice.

Even though you may have a well established practice, we always recommend utilizing the risk management services of your carrier. TDC’s malpractice coverage comes with the support of one of the insurance market’s most reputable risk management departments. The TDC Patient Safety Department performs onsite consultations at your request, we will help you in organizing your paperwork/electronic files and make sure your practice establishes measures to keep your risk low.

Train yourself, your staff and your partners: take advantage of our website, webinars, site visits and phone calls; we will come to your board meeting and make ourselves available to talk with you any time about any concern.

The Doctors' Insurance Agency wants to make sure that we are your insurance and practice partner, which is why we pay attention to every thing in the healthcare industry, from payer contracts to physician partnerships, from Electronic Medical Record Implementation to Confidential practices of written records.

Let us meet with underwriters each year so that your insurance premium every year so that it reflects your new practice habits and processes.

The Doctors’ Company is also interested in your feedback, TDC hosts many closed claim panel reviews to learn what we can from claims trends, causes, office practices and personnel interactions; from handoffs to hospital admittance, we are hear to study the causes and help you mitigate the effect.