Starting a Practice & Risk Management

When coming on board with TDC’s malpractice coverage, we strongly encourage you to utilize TDC’s excellent Patient Safety Department. This branch of TDC focuses on risk management issues and can help streamline and mold your practice operations from the outset, thereby reducing the chances of claims.

it's not like it used to be (to engage in understatement) many physicians are joining groups, joining partnerships, facilities, hospitals, organizations; we can help you by working hard to get you insured at the lowest price, with the right endorsements, and with the right insurance carrier.

We have experts in medical billing, EMR, RAC audit response and preparation, contract law and of course the right insurance to go with all of this.

The Doctors Insurance Agency helps hundreds of physicians from California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Utah, Washington,Hawaii and Michigan every year to open the doors of their own practice after finishing their residency, leaving a hospital position, or maybe breaking away from a group practice. No matter what the situation, we can guide you through the process and help you open a medical practice - don't pay unnecessary tail insurance, don't take for granted what may need clarification; let us help you look further at your insurance options, what is available to you to lower cost; what questions do you need to ask the administrator?

In almost three decades of helping physicians start medical practices, The Doctors Insurance Agency have never once failed to look into the future by asking the right questions. Starting a medical practice is all about planning, and we’ve done it more than any other healthcare consulting company.