The Tribute Plan

The Tribute Plan financially rewards physicians who dedicate themselves to superior patient care and keep claims low. The Doctors' Company is the only national medical malpractice insurer to offer such a significant member benefit.

The Tribute Plan as a loyalty reward 10% of an insured physician's premium is set aside each year in a separate "retirement, return of premium account" which is payable back to the eligible physician upon retirement at age 55 years or older after having been continuously insured by TDC for least five years.

The Tribute Plan:

  • The Tribute Plan is a unique financial benefit for members of The Doctors Company.
  • It's a benefit that is designed to receive significant funding every year.
  • It's a benefit that was born out of the tenacious desire to uphold the company's founding mission as an organization created by doctors to advance and protect the practice of good medicine.
  • It's a financial benefit that The Doctors Company created in an effort to provide tangible proof that it is accountable to the physician it insures.

To learn more about this long-term commitment from The Doctors Company to you and your practice, call The Doctors Insurance Agency your medical professional liability insurance solution. We are flexible, resourceful and innovative when it comes to providing the highest quality protection for physicians, surgeons and other health care providers.

Tribute Plan new updated Infographic and Statistics.

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