Hospitalist Groups are One of the Fastest-Growing areas within the Massive Health Care Economy

December 11, 2018

There is a common feeling about Hospitalist Medical Groups that they do not form sufficient physician-patient relationships and that as placeholders in the sensitive chain of providing delicate and artful healthcare this would be a way to encourage disappointment, frustration, and mistakes resulting in professional liability claims against hospitalist groups.

Early per physician Rating for Hospitalist Medical Groups – Professional Liability Insurance

The Doctors Insurance Agency began working with some of the early hospitalist groups in the middle 1990s. At first, The Doctors Insurance Agency as well as The Doctor's Company developed professional liability policies that rated each doctor depending on the estimated hours per week.

This created a separate limit on a separate policy requiring expensive tail payment. Each time one of the hospitalist Physicians canceled, we rated them quarter time, halftime, and full-time using internal medicine or family practice as the premium benchmark.

Physician Patient Relationships for Hospitalist Physicians and its effect on Medical Professional Liability Insurance

The sentiment of poor physician patient relationships continued as the concern amongst underwriters was also felt by other Physicians as evidenced by this geriatric medical physician in Florida.

An experienced physician who has practiced geriatric medicine for eighteen years said that in that time, he's always been in charge of his patient's care, but now when they're admitted to hospitals, he thinks that those days are over - … many hospitals, medical centers, and even outpatient surgery centers are using hospitalist Physicians to provide care; and in the view of this geriatric physician interrupting and sometimes even discontinue the relationship with the patient. Many hospitals have plans to assign staff hospitalists to be their patient's main decision-makers.

The Medical Malpractice Insurance companies have grown in this field, and the doctor's company has sponsored and directed many claims, reviews published articles on patient safety, and have been a partner with the leaders in hospitalist medicine to understand whether the facts supported the sentiment and intuitive reasoning over many years with 15 years of data and science.

Liability Insurance Partnership with the Society of Hospitalist Medicine

To suggest otherwise the doctor's company has partnered with the Society of Hospital medicine to develop Insurance programs that eliminate the cost of Tail Insurance for hospitalist physician groups.

The doctor's insurance agency has a long history of partnering with experienced underwriters of this leader of national physician liability insurance and using premium metrics as counting the relative value units or the number of encounters in order to develop the premium has saved Al hospitalist groups thousands of dollars.

Although there is a concern that hospitalists are forced upon patients, and therefore they take away the patient choice of choosing a physician. The economics, the rapid change, and Healthcare dictate that hospitals must continue to evolve in two organizations that improve the quality of care and manage costs hospitalist medical groups are a part of that solution.

One doctor is quoted: "We're concerned that it takes away patient choice," "Right now patients can pick who their doctors are. If this new policy stands, they have no choice in who their doctor will be.

Hospitalists continue to reduce risk and improve care – model spreads throughout country

Hospitals are embracing the specialists and the physicians in their community as well as the hospitalist groups. In this second decade of a growing, thriving and safe hospitalist specialty evolution in the country, the administrators, executives, and patient safety specialists are encouraging more communication with effective handoffs from the clinical offices and surgical teams to the Physicians who reside and work and call the hospitals their home.

The incidence of claims reporting is down; it has nine years of evidence supported by the doctor's company to encourage the continuance of studying participation in claims review panels and patient safety initiatives.

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency specializes in Hospitalist Professional Liability Insurance

At the doctors Insurance Agency, we work hard with our administrators, the partner, and the staff even joins conference calls during the interview process to discuss the tail that is included in these hospitalist physician liability insurance policies.

Insurance policies are rated by the number of consultations, not by the number of doctors the doctor's insurance agency has worked with. Hospitalist medical groups understand that a twenty-four-hour-a-day seven-day-a-week contract requires many Physicians contributing as many hours as they can.

In order to meet the demand, we have worked with hospitalist groups that have grown 300% taking on new contracts and quickly onboarding Physicians with the assurance that a quality carrier will provide coverage for them now and in the future. These doctors are assured that these hospitalist physician liability insurance plans include tail so that they can cancel and even rejoin as their schedule an interest permits.

We work with hospitalist groups around the country to find the blend of premium that accurately reflects the state or states and the specialties and a type of consultation that your group provides in each specific Hospital.

There are combined state endorsements and combined limit endorsements varying according to the needs of your hospitalist group. As you expand, hospitalists are embraced by many medical communities, and while hospitalists will be at the center of their new patient care plan, specialists can "continue to participate in patient care exactly as they have in the past."